"[Identifying Eurydice from the rest of the underworld was] really had to think about at the start of our production process, but ultimately my director and I decided that this distinction should take place through the color of everyone’s costumes. We decided that the stones costumes would all be grey to demonstrate their conformity to the underworld. To contrast this, we decided that Eurydice’s Costume would be bright, bright white. White has become our symbol for life in the Underworld, so Eurydice’s costume is all white when she first enters, and the Father’s costume is a mix of white and grey, since he has been in the Underworld for so long, but still maintained some elements of the living world."

"Our concept for the Stones in the Kaye production is that they were once living people who have now fully conformed to the Underworld. Because of this, I based my costumes off of the character bios each of the actors wrote, particularly their occupations (Little Stone as a singer, Big Stone as a bodyguard, and Loud Stone as a teacher). Each of the Stones are dressed appropriately for the era they lived in and their occupation, but their costumes are full greyed out and torn to show that they have been living in the Underworld for some time."

Production Management

"I wanted to be a Production Manager for CoLab because it’s an area of theatre that has always really interested me, but I haven’t had much experience in. I had acted as the Production Manager for a few smaller shows before, but I knew there was a lot I could improve upon, so I was excited to have the opportunity to learn more and grow."

What initially excited me about CoLab was how unique of an opportunity it was, and the prospect of being able to collaborate with my classmates. I’m also incredibly excited to be working on the Kaye Playhouse production. Everyone on our team is dedicated and talented, and it’s been a wonderful experience to work with them under the guidance and vision of our wonderful director, Cathrine.

Cailynn Fortune

Production Manager, Costume Designer


Cailynn is a senior at Hunter, majoring in Theatre, and pursuing the Arts Management and Leadership Certificate. Cailynn was fortunate enough to have an apprenticeship in the costume shop last Spring, but this is her first time working as a Costume Designer. Similarly, this is her first time working as a Production Manager on a production of this size. Many thanks to the mentors for their lasting support, and to the Kaye team for all their time and dedication.