About the Production

This fall the Theatre Department will produce three “lab model” versions of Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl, to be created by three CoLab companies of student directors, actors, designers, and production staff. This is not a “Zoom Production,” and while we won’t actually build a physical production, we will be rehearsing the play online, engaging in a robust research process, and creating full design plans to the fullest extent possible (given the current impossibility of being together in the space).

The aim of the project is to spend the semester digging deeply into the research, design, analysis, and rehearsal processes of a typical, in-person production. This will allow us to focus on aspects of production that don’t always receive the attention they deserve, primarily as a result of the time constraints of staging of a show during “normal” semesters. 


We will be archiving the process on a special, student-designed CoLab website, and at the end of the semester, the various aspects of the work will be shared publicly in a form to be determined by each company’s creative process.


CoLab is being offered as THEA 40159 - Spc Topics - Theatre CoLab. Not only actors, but also directors, designers, stage managers, technical directors, and production managers may take the course for credit. Students choosing not to take course credit will receive Apprenticeship credit. Students need not enroll in the official course to participate, but all must obtain faculty permission (see application info, below).


Each CoLab company will design its production for a different size space with a different size hypothetical budget—‘small’ for the Goldberg Studio (HN537), ‘mid-size’ for the Loewe, and ‘large’ for the Kaye Playhouse.


Three student directors will be chosen by the faculty production committee through an application process. The directors will then hold group auditions for actors as well as review applications (in consultation with faculty) to select stage managers, set/prop designers, lighting designers, costume designers, sound designers, and technical directors from the CoLab class.


The work of the three directors and three stage managers will be overseen by Adrienne Williams. The work of the three set/prop designers will be overseen by Louisa Thompson; costume designers by Deepsikha Chatterjee; lighting designers by Ian Calderon; sound designers by Beth Lake; and tech directors by David Bean. Jen Leno, Omen Sade, and Theo Campbell will assist.


Brad Krumholz will be the overall producer of CoLab, and he will mentor the 3 production managers; in addition, his production class will function as the three production companies’ administrative cores.

For more information see: https://www.huntertheatre.net/colab-fall-2020

Each season The Kaye Playhouse hosts over 200 events, bringing an eclectic mix of live performances to over 100,000 theatergoers annually, making the Kaye Playhouse a venue of extraordinary programming for Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Dedicated in 1942 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College began its notable history as The Playhouse at Hunter College. At that time, concerts were presented under the auspices of the Hunter College Concert Bureau and many of the world’s most famous artists made their New York debuts at The Playhouse. Marian Anderson, Jussi Bjoerling, Renata Tebaldi, Andres Segovia, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and many other legendary artists appeared at The Playhouse until the Concert Bureau closed its doors in 1975.

In 1993, the Playhouse was renovated and reopened as The Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. Since its rededication, The Kaye has presented over 1,800 performances of some of the world’s most renowned, provocative and unique artists and performance companies. In the past decade, celebrated artists Martina Arroyo, Regina Resnik, Marcel Marceau, Ruby Dee, Phillip Glass, Audra MacDonald, Max Roach, James Levine, Mario Vargas Llosa, Brian Bedford, Rosemary Harris and Harold Bloom, as well as a varied international roster of performing arts companies, have performed on the stage of The Kaye Playhouse.

The Kaye has entered the 21st century as one of New York City’s leading performing arts institutions and continues to honor its exceptional artistic heritage in hosting internationally-acclaimed artists and music, dance and theatre companies for New York audiences, as well as serving as the centerpiece for the performing arts at Hunter College.

Thanks to the following mentors:

Director Mentor - Adrienne Williams / Set Design Mentor - Louisa Thompson / Costume Design Mentor - Deepsikha Chatterjee

Lighting Design Mentor - Ian Calderon / Sound Design Mentor - Beth Lake / Production Manager/Mentor - Brad Krumholz

Technical Direction Mentor - Dave Bean / Stage Management Mentor - Sarah Shea