Set Design

"I wanted to really draw attention to the eerie similarities between the overworld and underworld, so the

transition between the two is fairly subtle. The Nasty Interesting Apartment functions as almost a gateway to the underworld, so when the transition happens the large modern windows will be broken and display a slightly older skyline. I also incorporated a second boardwalk feature as a large frame, similar to the one permanently downstage over the orchestra pit, to create the illusion that we have now travelled down to the underworld and to show that the overworld isn’t that far up [from the underworld]."

"The string room will be constructed with the elevator as the base to illustrate the connection that both of these pieces have with both the overworld and the underworld. The elevator will be wrapped and unwrapped by the Father during the show."

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Skylar Back

Set Designer, Asst. Stage Manager

Skylar Back is a new transfer sophomore at Hunter this semester. He recently relocated from the greater Seattle area and is pursuing a BA in Theatre. He worked as both the Set Designer and Assistant Stage Manager for this production of Eurydice for the Kaye Playhouse.