Sound Design


The sound design aimed to examine Eurydice's relationships with both Orpheus and her father through the lenses of water and classical music. The director envisioned water as a means of escape for Eurydice, which ultimately separates her from both her husband and father multiple times throughout the play. While Orpheus' music enables the two to reconnect in the underworld, and provides the driving force for him to seek her out, it is not something that Eurydice can naturally connect to, which causes the ultimate downfall of the relationship. The goal of the sound design was to tell these two stories while also delineating the separation between the two worlds of the play-over and under.

Orpheus' Symphony
00:00 / 01:38

Original Melody composed by Erin Jeffries

Full Symphony orchestrated by Joshua L. Brown

Underworld ambience
00:00 / 06:01
String room ambience
00:00 / 04:43

Orpheus' symphony for 12 instruments is his main theme, which pops up multiple times throughout the show. I am not a musician, but the actress playing Orpheus (Erin Jeffries) is, and she composed the main melody herself early in the rehearsal process. We were then fortunate enough to connect with Joshua L. Brown, a sound engineer from Berklee School of Music and friend of actress Sophia Radix. He was able to take the melody and arrange it into a symphonic piece, which you can listen to above.

 Eurydice-Kaye Playhouse

Sound Equipment List (as of 11/10/2020) 


  • 1 Yamaha CL5 

  • 1 Yamaha RIO 1608 

  • 1 Yamaha RIO 3224 w/Dante ports located SR and the Pit 

  • 1 Mac Mini w/QLab 4 and Dante Virtual Sound Card 

  • 2 Meyer CQ-1’s with CP-10 Processors (Main L and R) 

  • 2 Meyer CQ-2’s (Main L and R, Balcony)

  • 4 Meyer UPJuniors (Rears L and R Main, Balcony)

  • 6 Meyer UPM 1-P’s (Rear delays, Main delays, Monitors)

  • 2 Meyer 650-P subwoofers 

  • 2 pipes @ 1’6”L plus cheeseboroughs 


  • 2 Meyer UPJuniors (Monitors)

  • 4 loudspeaker stands to fit Meyer UPJuniors 

  • 2 yokes for Meyer UPJuniors 

  • Associated power and data cables 

  • 1 Sennheiser EW300 G3 EM300 Receiver (1 channel) 

  • 1 Sennheiser SK300 Beltpack Transmitter (1 channel) 

  • 1 Sennheiser ME4 Lavaliere microphone


  • AA batteries for wireless microphone (2 per show) 

Water is almost always present in some way throughout the show-not quite constantly, but pretty close. The underworld scenes have various different sounds of water depending on where the action is located and what the mood is for the scene. In the overworld, water is used primarily for scene setting (beach, thunderstorm, etc) but many of the songs underscoring Orpheus' scenes have themes about water or rivers.

Technical Direction

Before the pandemic, I had planned to spend my final semester at Hunter following the TD team around anyway, but this was an opportunity for me to learn more about what happens before the build and load-in process. Things like budgeting, drafting, and figuring out how set elements and other equipment all come together is a side of the TD role that students don't normally get to experience at Hunter, and it was an exciting opportunity for me to experience some of that, even in a virtual setting.

Aidan Sartori

Sound Designer/Technical Director

Aidan Sartori is a theatrical and event technician in his final semester at Hunter College. This is his third experience with sound design and his first with full-scale technical direction. He has additional experience in lighting, stage management, and assistant technical direction. He would like to thank his family, friends, and girlfriend for their support, his mentors and collaborators on Team Kaye for all of their assistance and hard work, and his raining elevator design for coming in approximately $20,000 under budget.